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What is Repurchase/Redemption price?


The Repurchase/Redemption Price is the price per Unit at which a Mutual Fund would ‘repurchase’ the units (i.e., buys back units from the investor) upon redemption of units or switch-outs of units to other schemes/plans of the Mutual Fund by the investors, and includes Exit Load, if / wherever applicable.

 Redemption Price for each Option will be calculated on the basis of Applicable NAV and Exit load, if any. The Redemption Price per Unit will be calculated using the following formula:

Redemption Price = Applicable NAV * (1 - Exit Load, as applicable)

Applicable exit load shall be subject to the tenure of investment of the investor in the scheme vis-à-vis the exit load structure applicable when investor had invested in the scheme.

Example: If the Applicable NAV is Rs. 10 and a 2% Exit Load is charged, the Redemption Price per Unit will be calculated as follows:

            = Rs. 10 * (1-0.02)

            = Rs. 10 * (0.98)

            = Rs. 9.80


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