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An open ended debt scheme investing in overnight securities. A relatively Low Interest Rate Risk and relatively Low Credit Risk.

Investment Objective

The objective of the scheme is to seek to generate returns commensurate with low risk and providing high level of liquidity, through investments made in overnight securities having maturity of 1 business day.

However, there can be no assurance or guarantee that the investment objective of the scheme would be achieved.

Investment Style

Portfolio Strategy

    • Invests in Debt Securities and Money Market Instruments (including Triparty Repo & Repo) maturing on or before the next business day
    • Predominantly invests in overnight securities to generate returns corresponding to overnight rates in the money market
    • Maintains a high credit quality portfolio by analyzing the fundamental credit strength and secondary market liquidity of the issuer using the in-house credit and liquidity models
    • Additionally, identifying debt securities that offer attractive yields with a overnight residual maturity while maintaining the credit quality


  • Ideal alternative for Institutional & Retail investors to invest surplus money for short term and earn reasonable returns
  • No Exit Load on redemption of investment
  • No mark to market risk
  • Minimal liquidity risk and interest rate risk
  • Stringent credit parameters to optimize the risk-return proposition for the investors
  • Most liquid of all schemes in the fixed income category

Asset Allocation

Category Overnight Fund
Plans available
Regular Plan & Direct Plan
Options available

- Growth Option

- IDCW# option with IDCW Payout and Re- investment

Default Option

- Growth Option in case Growth Option or IDCW Option is not indicated.

- IDCW# Reinvestment in case Payout or Reinvestment is not indicated

Minimum Application Amount ₹500/- and in multiples of ₹ 1/- thereafter
For IDCW Payout & Reinvestment Options Fresh Purchase(Incl.Switch-in):Minimum of Rs.2000/- and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter.
Additional Purchase (Incl.Switch-in):Minimum of Rs.2000/- and in multiples of Re. 1/- thereafter.
Monthly SIP* : Rs.2000/-(plus in multiple of Re.1/-) Minimum installments: 6
Quarterly SIP* : Rs.6000/-(plus in multiple of Re.1/-) Minimum installments- 4
*The applicability of the minimum amount of installment mentioned is at the time of registration only.
 Entry Load*  Not applicable
*SEBI vide its circular no. SEBI / IMD / CIR No.4 / 168230 / 09 dated June 30, 2009 has decided that there shall be no entry load for all Mutual Fund Schemes.
 Exit Load   NIL
Benchmark CRISIL Overnight AI Index
Fund Manager Mr. Piyush Baranwal
Special Facilities Available (during ongoing offer) - Systematic Investment Plan
- Systematic Withdrawal Plan
- Systematic Transfer Plan
- IDCW Transfer Plan
 PRC Overnight PRC

# This Option will be available with all frequencies except daily. In case of daily frequency, IDCW shall be mandatorily reinvested. In case the unit holder has opted for IDCW payout option, the minimum amount for dividend payout shall be ₹ 500/- (net of IDCW distribution tax and other statutory levy, if any), else the IDCW would be mandatorily reinvested.

IDCW refers to Income Distribution cum capital withdrawal option

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking *:

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*Investors should consult their financial advisors if in doubt whether the product is suitable for them.


Scheme Downloads

Scheme Information Document

Key Information Memorandum


The information herein above is meant only for general reading purposes and therefore cannot be considered as guidelines, recommendations or as a professional guide for the readers. Before making any investments, the readers are advised to seek independent professional advice, verify the contents in order to arrive at an informed investment decision. None of the Sponsor, the Investment Manager, the Trustee, their respective directors, employees, affiliates or representatives shall be liable in any way for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, including on account of lost profits arising from the information contained in this material.

Statutory Details: WhiteOak Capital Mutual Fund has been established as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, sponsored by YES Bank Ltd. (liability restricted to Rs. 1 Lakh). Trustee: WhiteOak Capital Trustee Limited Investment Manager: WhiteOak Capital Asset Management Limited

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.

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